Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First ride on the MRT

So BB had her first train ride yesterday. Shes abt 4.25 mths old now. Big enough to be highly curious with everyone and everything. Kept turning this way and that.

We went to East Point at Simei to get her mom some books because her mom has just about memorized every interesting book in the house while pumping. Popular got some great deals at 1-for-1 deal. Grabbed the great lunch deal at Eatzi and set off home.

BB slept for only a short while before waking up crying. She was kinda cranky, so her mom took her for a walk and met up with Daddy at the mrt station, hoping she would be lulled to drowsiness with the walk.

Mistake. She got restless, and couldn't really settle down all the way till 10pm! *groan* that was a looong lonnng night indeed. Her mom resolved to make sure she doesn't miss any more warm showers at night, be it a warm or cold night.

When BB was born, she was a hefty 3.925kg at 49cm, at almost 40 wks gestation. She was relatively short compared to other babies born around the same time, who measured more than 50cm.

At 4 months old now, at 62cm, she has caught up in the height department, and not missing out much on the weight too. STILL heavier than the other babies, although her mom is positive that she is losing weight because her neck is no longer hidden by the folds and creases of baby fat.

Making growling sounds is her new thing nowadays. Sometimes when she complains (it sounds different from the usual rambling she makes), she will at times GROWL. not demure.

tweety is still her fave toy of all toys. And she doesn't have that many toys in fact. Her parents need to buy a few more for her as she quickly gets bored of the current ones.

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