Saturday, July 18, 2009

1st studio picture

This is BB's 1st studio shoot. We did it because there was a voucher to get a 5R photo at the studio. Anyway, expectedly, we upgraded to 8R because the pictures turned out ok and we also got another 8R picture of BB.

BB was generally in a good mood. so the first picture taken turned out ok. she was grinning and all at the poor guy who was really trying his best to make her grin and look a tthe camera. I'd give the guy some credits for really trying his best to get a good shot of her. I mean, we could go on grinning for hours for the camera, but BB spent 1 sec looking at the camera, and the next 10 secs looking down. It was tiring after a while. And during this second photoshoot, BB was getting increasingly tired, and sensing the desperation of the guy trying to catch her attention and make her grin. we got her in a basket, and then, on her tummy. but this picture turned out the best. so i'd really give the guy at peter pan studio some credits for attempting various positions of her to get the best shot.

and im glad we finally got a picture of the 2 of us in a studio setting, albeit with an additional one :) somehow we never got around to a studio photoshoot after the wedding..

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  1. comelnya.... hahaha seyes je muke BB... anyway hang boleh tak rotate pic tu dulu sebelum upload... tertongeng2 aku dengan zamani nak tengok... dasar pemalas.... wakakakakak.....kasihani la reader anda!