Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Balqis at 6 months

Balqis is shy of 2 days turning 6 months. She has also celebrated her first raya and had an easy time with the jalan raya part, so far. Considering we went to two houses only on the first day, another two on the second day. Alhamdulillah, she's been cranky only in the car. As long as she got people talking n gooing and aah-ing at her, she's fine. However, her 1st raya was spent without her maternal grandparents, her maternal aunty and uncle.

She seems to develop a knack for getting duit raya. Managed to get $2 from this kind makcik at Ikea just now. BB smiled at her, she got smitten and dug out one money envelope from her handbag and gave it to BB. BB of coz grabbed it and started chomping on it.

Her mom has ditched the changing table and has resorted to a changing mat bcoz BB can flip over in just a second. The coffee table at the livnig room has been shoved aside to make way for BB's rolling attempts on the carpetted floor.

BB now cries with sounds like 'MAmamamam..'. And yes, she still screams sometimes. Usually when she;s over tired.

BB may start on cereal next week, or this weekend. we will take a look at Mummy's schedule and see if there's enough time or energy to look into that. Her mom's very very thankful that BB hasn't lost weight at all despite her Mom fasting.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

balqis's day in school

so it was supposed to be the last day of class for her mom. and balqis followed her to school.

the mrt at 6pm wasnt that crowded but there werent any vacant seats still. however, one lady literally jumped off her seat to offer balqis a seat. or rather her mom :)

she started looking around and was really curious when the mrt went into the underground tunnel. and then she got tired and started eyeing this nice cream-coloured handbag of the lady sitting beside us. AND reaching out for it. the lady thought she wanted to touch HER so she was kinda touched and let balqis grab her finger instead. or maybe it was a tactical move :p later she commented 'she started early liking these things, huh?' referring to the handbag! aiyohh... i thought it was more of the reflective glittery clasp on the bag..

then she started getting bored when the lady got down. so her mom had to fish out one toy after another. and then desperately, bcoz balqis was beginning to fidget around and grab another lady's hair (she's pulled out some of mom's hair, so her mom was VERY scared at this point), so in a desperate attempt, her mom showed her some hp videos of herself babbling and blowing bubbles. so that worked until we got off. phew~

it was an uneventful walk to the school. and of cours eshe was the centre of attraction among mom's classmates. and the lecturers were like talking to her, etc.

again, alhmd, it was an uneventful hour spent in the classroom. she simply made her own noises, nothing screaming or screeching, sneezed a few times bcoz the room was rather cold, babbled a bit to herself, and basically put on her best behaviour. though she did poke one guy from the back and startled him a bit. oops.. her hand was too fast for me, i didnt get to stop her in time.

daddy took over from 8pm onwards, and got her sleeping in d carrier in no time. good job!