Monday, July 27, 2009

developments to date - 4 months old

No pictures for this post because blogspot doesn't seem to have the functions to do that today.

We made a visit to the pedatrician's office last saturday, when she turned 4 months 1 day old. she was supposed to get her 6 in 1 vaccination. There was a couple with an 11 month old baby boy waiting outside for their bill. The father was carrying the baby and said to BB 'hello little boy!'. I was like URRGGHHHH! 'She's a girl.' 'Oh my god, I'm sorry!' 'It's ok. It's the jersey..' because she was wearing the Liverpool jersey in spirit of the upcoming match with Singapore the next day. Dalam hati menyumpah2 jap. hehe..

BB wasn't interested in the little boy though. Instead, she grinned at the father who was talking to her. For two introverted parents, it is quite a surprise that BB is pretty friendly to everyone.

BB weighed 6.8kg, measured 62cm. A consistent 200g increase weekly, and 1 cm taller from one month ago.

Upon seeing her, the pd commented, "So big already! looks so cute!" He has seen her from birth so that probably meant she wasn't cute then? grrr...

After a check on her physical development, he started to give her the oral vaccine for rotavirus. And while giving her the vaccine, he said 'She is very curious." so i asked "is that normal?" "it's very good. she looks around and that is how she learns." I hope that won't translate into mak kaypoh 10 yrs down the road.

She cried for like a minute after the injection, longer than the previous injection when she cried for like 5 secs only.

Next vaccination is due when she turns 6 months old, after raya.

The pd said that she is not supposed to start on solids until 6 months old. No cereal, nothing. Just breastmilk or formula. And it is best if she can be fed only milk all the way until 8 months old. She will not lack nutrition at all.

Other than that, BB has proven to be easily distracted during feeding time. Unless she's sleepy when she will want to be nursed to sleep, she will be easily distracted by anythign and everything. Her mom's clothing, the ceiling (what does she see other than the white ceiling?), the designs on the pillow. Her mom finds it hard to surf the net on the mobile phone while feeding her because she always turns to see the mobile phone and what her mom is doing.

BB loves the mirror. She can spend LONG minutes watching herself and grinning at herself and touching the mirror. She loves to watch shadows on the walls and the ceiling. Especially when the drapes are drawn.

her favourite toy is the big tweety bird that her Mak Ngah gave. she likes to touch and talk to tweety. and fancies the tag on the tweety because it has colourful pictures of tweety, daffy duck, sylvester.

BB is engrossed with her mittens when she wears them. She wears mittens when she is about to go to sleep, Otherwise, she will wake up crying from scratching herself. And yes, she bears many scratch marks already as it is. She can spend many minutes studying her mittens with eyebrows scrunched up together in focus, as if trying to figure out whatever happens to her hands, and then finally puts her gloved hand in her mouth.

BB is able to flip on her own now. She will turn her head in towards the mattress, so that her body will follow in suit. But she has problems with her arm pinned down. So someone will need to help her with the pinned arm. She likes to be propped up into a sitting position, and is quick to grin when someone pulls her up from lying to a sitting position. She usually uses her own muscles to be pulled up, using the help as support.

She has developed stranger anxiety now. she is still okay with strangers carrying her, as long as someone she's familiar with is near. she is still trying to adapt to sleeping inside the spring swing. that is the only way to make her sleep for 2 hours without waking up intermittently. yes, she still feeds every 2 hours, and has 2 hour sleep cycles.

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