Saturday, July 11, 2009

2 weddings

BB had a busy day today.

She had two weddings to attend. One at teck Whye, another at Woodlands. And her parents had long planned her dress sense for the day :)

Her mom let her sleep till 11am until BB woke up on her own and didn't seem keen to go back to sleep again. Her mom bathed her (showered actually) and dressed her up, and BB didn't seem to like the gown and the matching socks...
Waiting for Daddy to come home before we could set off to fetch Atuk and go off to Teck Whye.. but not before BB decided to give out a BIG one which she had been saving for like 2 days.. so her mom had to change her diaper first before setting out for Teck Whye.

She was pretty good until like we were about to go back when she decided to CRY like there was no tomorrow, because it was getting noisy (the deejay was starting to get to work) and everyone was going gaga over her.

We didn't spend very long at Woodlands, and BB was getting agitated with all the unfamiliar faces hovering over her, and being carried by so many people. But we did snap a few shots with her mom and dad, with BB not looking v happy.

Upon reaching home, her mom gave her a cooling shower and she slept like a log. Too much excitement today! :)

Note to self: Need to put away that white top, getting too small for BB.

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