Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 months old already!

Okay i still can't upload pictures here. so be thankful for words :p

Balqis now knows that she has a name. But she doesn't respond to Insyirah. Just Balqis. As how how her mom intended :)

Flipping over is old news for her these days. Sometimes she ends up flipping in her sleep and will end up looking confused and groggy.

She can be engrossed with whatever hand gestures people make. And when they make those hand gestures right in front of her, she will try to imitate, by looking at her hand, then at theirs, then back at hers. She usually ends up just opening and closing her fist.

She laps up feedings through the spoon. It is probably a sign that she's getting ready for semi-solids now but her mom is delaying it until theres a huge affirmative from the pd. If possible, her mom wants to push it to 8 mths old :)

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