Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 8th Month Birthday

Happy 8th month birthday, Balqis. Alhamdulillah for the past healthy 8 months. May Allah bless you with many more months of blessings, good health and happiness, Amin.

Balqis had her KFC treat today. She simply lapped up the whipped potato minus the sauce. Strange though, because she didn't seem very eager with her mom's mashed potato :p Her mom struggled a bit with Balqis as she sat on the bench. And then one staff came over and offered to bring a high chair over. So as she sat strapped in the high chair, things got more manageable as her mom could feed her and eat at the same time too :) Balqis then got bored and started to look around and soon made friends with a bunch of teenage girls at the table behind her. She was soon chuckling through mouthfuls of whippe potato. Not sure if some made its way into her nostrils. oops..

She had some quiet time at the library, simply crawling about and observing and taking in the new environment. Her mom actually had enough peace to read a few pages from a book. She then read a book or two at the children's section, borrowed 2 DVDs and then registered as a member to get a free goodie bag :D She can now borrow up to 6 books for her to chomp.

Balqis still has only 2 teeth. Not that her mom is complaining as her bites are painful enough. She is crazy about standing, be it supported by others, or supporting herself on furniture. She roams around the house, from room to room. She is also able to stretch her waking hours up to 3 hours without being cranky. But the moment she hits 4 continuous waking hours, she gets reaaalll cranky.

Balqis is still using her parents as an obstacle course nightly. sigh...

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  1. I was taken by suprise with that mrt trip where she suddenly give out a high pitch growl / shout to announce her presence or maybe to say Hi ppl in the train.. Balqis in da house ! Anyways, happy 8 months bb..