Saturday, November 14, 2009

and more updates!

Balqis loves to growl. sometimes it's because she's cranky, sometimes it because she's tired, n sometimes she just wants to amuse herself. However, doing that in a crowded train at peak hour, with arms and legs flailing wildly, may just cause a big enough commotion to get everyone backing off from her and making way for her mommy to get off the train quick enough. yes, balqis growling loudly and flailing her arms and kicking around is a sight startling enough for strangers to see. And right at that moment, I wish i could dig a hold in the ground and hide from all the eyes staring at her (and her mom).

she has a particular habit when sleeping in the spring swing. she likes to turn her face to the sarong. and her lashes can end up sticking out of the sarong like wierd pricks on a hedgehog. and when she trashes around in the sarong, sometimes she ends up being on all fours in it. she must hv felt disoriented being in that position with the swing springing up and down.

she is obsessed with handphones and remote controls. the definite allure to get her to speed crawl. she usually bashes her mom up at bedtime every night, right before sleeping. And she usually struggles against her mom and tries hard not to nurse for whatever unknown reasons, something which can make her pant and breathe heavily by the end of it, and exhaust her mom too.

she is now able to scratch a particular spot on her body, like a mosquito bite. being older now, she is also able to go to sleep without being nursed right to deep sleep. she will just turn away and go to sleep.

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