Sunday, February 14, 2010

What excites Balqis?

At 10.5 mths old now, many maanyy things excite BB. Apparently BB is a very excitable baby. Here's a list of the things which can get her kicking vigorously (if she's being carried), flapping her arms wildly, chuckling, grinning, clapping...

  • when she goes out. she starts getting excited the moment she steps outta the door
  • when she sees the handphone/digicam focused on her and the cameraman going "1....2....3!"
  • when shes on the escalator, and there happens to be another escalator above her, and there's a mirror so when she looks up, she can see her own reflection
  • when she's on the escalator, she will chuckle for no apparent reason
  • when strangers talk to her or play with her
  • when she sees babies her age or toddlers or small kids
  • when she sees food or drinks
  • when she sees people clapping and/or laughing
  • when she is tickled
  • when her mom sprays water on her (hahah)

There are probably other things which I can't remember now.

At 10.5 mths old, she has 6 sharp teeth (ughhh..), and can easily tear her way into plastic covers. She can be pretty quick at tearing small pieces of paper with her teeeth n umm, swallowing them. She loves phones, especially cordless phones, mobiles. She is beginning to lose interest in remotes. She loves receiving guests at home, even strangers like the karung guni man. Probably her stranger anxiety isnt fully developed yet. And she just loves playing with strangers (but they can't carry her).

She is sensitive to sounds since birth, but she isn't frightened by loud noises like dogs barking or the vacuum cleaner. Most of the time, she will chase after the vacuum cleaner. She likes books, probably because she likes to see the different pictures as she turns the pages. And more often that not, she "reads" them upside down.

She can clap, doa, hand over toys, and assist in undressing. Currently her mom is trying to teach her how to put things in a box because her mom is getting tired of cleaning up after her mess.

Oh and she is still crazy over climbing stairs.

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