Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hives it is

for days, i tot it was a vicious attack of d bed bugs. so there was a lot of sleuthing around in search for the bed bugs nest, or even the bed bug itself. Ive been told that bedbugs r an elusive lot. But i never thought they were so elusive they were invisible. I could be lying down with BB, nursing her to sleep, and next i knew, she was rubbing her feet together, itching away, n i saw red angry bites on them. N no culprits to be seen. D deed was done, n the doer left without a trace. Mattresses were thrown away, bedsheets n covers were soaked in boiling water. Meanwhile BB was collecting more than thirty marks all over her body. There was as least 10 on each arm, some as big as twenty cent coins. After an entire nite of wakefulness, we brought BB to d hospital. It was hives.

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